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As the 20th century unfolds, amid massive upheaval – scientific, political and technological – an artistic revolution explodes in Paris. Avid collector Jacques Doucet and young Pablo Picasso, from opposite sides of the tracks, have parallel struggles – but when the troubled doyen of supreme taste, haunted by his own past, buys Picasso’s most shocking painting, he creates chaos in his elegant world. Picasso relies upon Doucet to be champion of his future legacy to the world, but this cannot be achieved without uncovering some of the artist’s darkest secrets.

When modern art was born it caused an eruption of seismic proportions. Nothing would ever be the same again. The look of the twentieth century was cast.  

These traumatic events are mirrored in the life of Jacques Doucet who travelled from ‘pillar of the 

establishment’ to principle patron of the radical avant-garde. This is the remarkable story of a refined and immaculate gentleman who descends into the world of the occult, modern art at its most raw, and sexual depravity.

When Doucet buys Picasso’s monumental brothel painting, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, is he ready for his final transformation?

Picasso's Revenge

  • Available 25 September 2019

    ​ISBN: 978-1-911487-34-0

    232mm x 150mm Portrait


    UK: £20

    Publication: 2019

    Fiction, Art, Historical Figures

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