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 Les Demoiselles  d' Avignon

As soon as you decide that Les Demoiselles d’Avignon is a picture of, prostitutes welcoming, or threatening, or something, a suppliant male or a client, or whatever, then you can stop looking at the picture. Then you’ve got it out of your hair, and that’s exactly what Picasso didn’t want you to do. He wants you to be stuck with this as a profoundly resonant image that will never deliver its secrets. Germaine Greer.

A luscious, historical novel depicting Belle Époque Paris at the rupture point when the old regime breaks down and is replaced by modernity in both life and art. Picasso is the rock god of the age. Multi-layered and full of surprises – Doucet’s mystery unlocked, like “the Painting” itself provides a prism of vibrant and tragic tales. Featuring many key characters of the era, Picasso’s Revenge is a cultural milestone.     

Claire Palmer, Editor, International Times              

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