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Doucet Studio - Lower Vesibule (1).jpg
Buddha, Sui Dynasty, 600AD.jpg
Doucet Studio Orient.jpg
Lower Vestibule, featuring Joseph Csaky's staircase
The Persian Chamber

Jacques Doucet's Studio aka

The Temple of Arts, at Rue St James 

Included are some of the precious items from the collection. More to follow

doucet in robes.jpg
The master in his robes
Shakamuni Buddha, 630 AD
Doucet Studio without fold.jpg
Central chamber
Bird Cage on Stand, Pierre Legrain.jpg
Bird Cage on Stand, Pierre Legrain
George Seurat, Le cirque, sketch.jpg
Eileen Gray, Hall Table.jpg
Hall Table, Eileen Gray
Sketch of The Circus, Georges Seurat
Eileen Gray, Round Table.jpg
Round Table, Eileen Gray
Brancousi, Danaide, 1918.jpg
Lotus Table.jpg
The Lotus Table, Eileen Gray
Danaide, Brancousi
Marcel Coard Sofa.jpg
Sofa, Marcel Coard (originally upholstered in red)
Eileen Gray, Magician de la Nuit.jpg
Magician of the Night, Eileen Gray
Legrain stool.jpg
Stool, Pierre Legrain
de chirico.jpg
  Il Ritornante, Giorgio de Chirico
Rousseau, The Dream.jpg
The Dream by Henri Rousseau (not actually in the 'Temple of Arts' but significant in the mind of its creator)
The Snake Chamber, Henri Rousseau
Louis Mergier, Documents Cabinet.jpg
Documents Cabinet, Louis Mergier
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